Can Men Use Women Beauty Products?

Questions might pop in your mind time to time. Can I use my girlfriend’s beauty products? What is the difference between men and women’s skin? Why bother buy different products if you can use the same? But the thing is that we are actually not sure if same products can be used. Because at times there are similarities between men and women’s skin but sometimes there is a huge difference.

In order to sort out this quest, we will first go through some differences between male and female skin. And then see what are differences based on which male grooming products are different or maybe same.

Difference between men and women’s skin

There are many necessary factors that differentiate men’s and women’s skin.

— Men have thicker skin. Literally. It tends to be two hundredth - half-hour thicker than women’s skin.

— Men have additional and bigger hair follicles. Particularly on the face.

— Men manufacture additional oil. Guys have additional fat glands - those that churn out oil.

— Men’s skin ages higher. Thicker, additional resilient skin is nice for staying immature.

Most of those variations are secretion. Androgens - like androgen - are liable for several of the variations between the sexes.

Now: What makes Men’s Products Different?

Basic skin care rules apply to each men and ladies. However there are a number of necessary details that men’s grooming product address.


The best face wash for men cares for a man’s shave-worn facial skin. A part of the problem is that men have thick skin and plenty of hair follicles. That creates it straightforward to run into issues with unhealthy hairs, razor burn, and razor bumps. A best shaver would be the best thing to have in this case, which of course your girlfriend does not have.

Your skin won't get dried out by face wash for men that promotes sensible shaving. Rather than throwing off your skin’s pH - like most soap bars do - it leaves your skin hydrous. Meaning you won’t have tight skin or closed pores, each of that are probably to cause skin irritation.

Brands that target results develop face scrub for men with men’s shaving routines in mind. Scrub helps move hairs - even short ones - up and far from the pores. This prevents unhealthy hairs and provides you a more in-depth, cleaner shave.

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Outdoor Exposure

Guy’s skin is thicker, however it additionally tends to be enter the weather over women’s skin. Meaning it desires additional protection.

Penetrate your cutis and keep it in prime form with face moisturizer for men. It contains less cream and oil - since men already manufacture lots of secretion. And it's extra ingredients to assuage the skin once a shave.

The outdoors - and also the sun - take their toll on your hair too. Keep your hair clean, thick, and hydrous with a decent aid routine. It ought to embody each shampoo for men and hair conditioner for men.

Adult Acne

Since men manufacture additional oil, they're additional probably to suffer from adult skin problem. Women’s creams and cleansers have lighter ingredients that won't trouble their sensitive skin. however men want stronger ingredients for deep cleansing to stop excessive skin problem.

Guys, are you continue to not exfoliating? If you don’t use face scrub for men for it’s shaving edges, think about this:

Exfoliating a minimum of once per week will considerably cut back your outbreaks. it'll leave your skin recent, clean, and bright.

One Major Mistake Guys build

Men typically build a large mistake that results in every kind of skin issues. And it’s thus simple; there’s no excuse for it.

They don’t watch out of their skin.

You’ve got thicker skin than most ladies. You’ve got additional albuminoid. You’ve got higher skin association.

In theory, your skin ought to look concerning fifteen years younger than ladies of a similar age.

But most guys don’t take skin care for men seriously. and that they pay the value. They find yourself with uninteresting, tired skin by the time they’re within the late 30’s.

Break from the mould. watch out of your skin. Use face wash for men and face moisturizer for men to remain clean, hydrated, and skin problem free. Improve your shave routine with face scrub for men. And follow up with natural aftershave for men.

Leave the women’s product on your gal's facet of the shower. Reach for men’s grooming product designed for your skin. You’ll see higher results and feel the distinction.


In short, you can go for your girlfriend’s products in some cases but it is not always good. So, it’s better to stick to your own products and do the thing by your own.






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